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Bunny Lee re-rub, with Tubby at the desk.

Dennis Emmanuel Brown on the astounding Sir Niney’s Rock, with a devastating, vicious Tubbys. A bit off-centre; easily sorted by hand. Hotter fire from the flashing sword of Zorro. Breathtaking reggae genius.

On King Tubby’s version of Declaration Of Rights.

Heavyweight and crucial Tubbys dubplate pressure.

With Tubbys setting the dub on fire.

Tremendous! Inspired singing, vibesing deejaying (with Trinity), and awesome Scientist mixes from Channel One, with King Tubby at his shoulder in 1980.
Jesus Chroiss, we noice.

Gotta be King Tubby dishing it out on the dub.

Lash them, Tubby, lash them.

Three helpings of honest-to-goodness, early-seventies funky reggae from Clancy Eccles’ studio, featuring Winston Wright at the organ. This has a King Tubby on the flip. Good old CE, socialist through and through.

Deadly version of the Spear, aka Black Wa-Da-Da, with Tubby at the controls.

Bracing early Tubbys — the revolutionary transformation of classics like Creator’s Kingston Town, a couple of Andy Capps, The Dynamites’ Red Moon. With Stitt going at U-Roy, on King Of Kings.