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Heavenless — with a fast-chatting Papa Tullo.

With a Nitty Gritty dubplate do-over of Trial And Crosses.

Jammys classic, with a Leroy Smart on the flip.

This 1981 album re-mastered — with three U-Black toasts — together with the original mixes as they appeared on the 1977 Love Crisis album. Vintage Prince Jammy.

Rough, dread, heavy roots rockers… showcase-style.

Rock Fort Rock and China Town excursions.

Original copies of classic Jammys digi LP — minimal and catchy, with Gregory in fine voice.

Kicks off with a dub of the killer Bobby Boy rhythm, and includes versions of Hot Milk, Afrikaan Beat, Shank I Sheck and Ali Baba, not to mention Hugh Mundell’s almighty Jah Fire Will Be Burning.

Tempo versions — with a King Kong.

The Heavenless, Cat Paw, Far East, Tonight, Sara and Fire Fire rhythms.