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Niney The Observer classics.

The title track is Upsetter genius. Brilliant Niney productions here too.

‘What about the half that’s never been told? The half, the half, the half that’s never been told.’
The DVD is a film of a 1979 performance.

‘Fighting your brothers every day doesn’t make no sense at all. You walk down the road, you see an innocent man, you rob and stab and shoot him down. When you think it’s peace and safety, it’s sudden destruction.’

Dennis Emmanuel Brown on the astounding Sir Niney’s Rock, with a devastating, vicious Tubbys. A bit off-centre; easily sorted by hand. Hotter fire from the flashing sword of Zorro. Breathtaking reggae genius.

The Crown Prince’s first-ever single, his own song, from around 1970 — backed with a tight and funky spaghetti instrumental from The Crystalites.

With Dennis on the flip, Home Sweet Home.