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Trinity’s best record, from 1978. On a steppers Love Without Feeling — dub-wise, clattering drums, blurting bass —  he chants himself into a lather about some bloke ‘calling people roach’. Errol Scorcher?

In full flight, over signature Maxfield Avenue shots.

Only the greatest deejay in history at the top of his game.

On the Horace Ferguson.

Backed with Angie Dean’s amazing Angie La La.

Backed with Big Youth, Moving On.

Love Punaany Bad — a tale of hard times in New York City, with a nice steelpan sample; and a badman Admiral Bailey.

Party hearty deejay cut to a hot version of Tempo.
A new clutch of Firehouse reissues from Japan, immaculately presented in full-colour sleeves, as you can see.

The two female rappers doing over the Sugarhill Gang for Joe Gibbs in 1979, and really letting their hair down for the second take.

Revisiting Cuss Cuss, Sleng Teng, Throw Me Corn and co, with Sly and Robbie, for George Phang.