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Tell them, Sizzla.

On Burning Spear’s Rocking Time rhythm.

Ranting and raving on rhythms courtesy of Fire Ball, Jazzwad, Steely And Clevie and co.

Rampaging Tempo re-lick.

The rhythm is so magnificent, the singing and toasting so expert, with Tubbys dishing it out, that you don’t notice the lyrics are twaddle.

Ranging over time and styles, and never less than brilliant. Watch out for a young Prince Far I, Prince Francis doing his best Alcapone impression over Ethiopia, and Jazzbo on a discomix of Skylarking.

Utterly inspired, gale-force ranting pon a flashin’ TR-909. The head-on, 1988 collision of harder-than-hard-core dancehall and ultra-raw Detroit techno. Soundboy will soil his winceyette onesie.

Classic LP with the Roots Radics, mixed by Scientist at Tubbys.