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Wicked little minor-key organ instrumental, with a killer intro and rare toasting by Ramon The Mexican — resident deejay at Harriott’s Musical Chariot Sound System — who later changed his name to Ambelique.

Late Night Blues piece. ‘Don’t follow bad company… Hang down your head, bandulo,’ sings Cornell Campbell… then like Eek A Mouse in comes RD, himself the worst kind of bad company, by all accounts. Chilling.

With Black Uhuru and Dennis Brown, mixed by Tubby and Scientist.

With Dennis on the flip, Home Sweet Home.

Party-wrecking, uproarious deejay-duel on Full Up, with an ace dub. ‘Here in Jamaica we got the Prime Minister… we got the Minister Of Labour… We want a Minister For Ganja.’
Flash it!

Terrific organ-and-bongo excursion on Touch My Soul, with more of a Studio One feel to the mix.