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Upful dancehall vibes address topics such as vegetarianism, skin colour, school, good old-fashioned rocking the mic. One toast laments Batta’s girlfriend running off with Sugar Minott.

Two versions, different dubwise mixes of Sugar Minott’s massive Informer rhythm — both choca with living dancehall vibes and Channel One-style deadliness.

Buzz always brings the vibes. Here he is on Death In The Arena, aka Whipping The Prince (Coxsone’s throw-down to Buster). ‘Peace, love and unity is the foundation of our community.’

Joe Axumite chanting over hard, acidic, Wackies mysticism.

Great deejay LP from the Black Ark, Fever and Satta in the place.

Four-track seven, toasts with dubs.

JT on the legendary fight; John Clark in a nostalgic mood, about an old friend. Both deejaying and singing are mixed in your face, over a nugget of vintage Wackies, gritty and unbalanced. Shimmy shimmy ya.

Classic, stuffed with Lee Perry monsters like War In A Babylon.

Incredulous Christmas sufferers.