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Outstanding Drum Song do-over.

Further excursions on Black Oney’s Jah Jah Send The Parson rhythm. Far I rides a stripped dub (originally for a Carib Gems LP); the straighter Oney return was first released in a tiny run of blanks. All three 1975.

Four heavyweight excursions. The vibesing Zacky is aka Survival, from the Ukhonto We Sizwe sessions. (Far I was murdered before the album could be finished.) The Junior Reid dub is absolute murder.

The Peckings Bros at the controls. Broader-than-Broadway rudeboy revival vibes, overflowing with militant nostalgia and love, over some choice original rhythms. Vinyl at last.

Taking a break from the slackness which made his name: the Rocking And Swing LP and satellite sevens produced by Dudley Ja-Man Swaby. Thoroughly entertaining — and Oil In A Babylon still nails it.

Some of his best work, including Jimmy Radway and Upsetters rhythms.

A top-notch showcase of the great deejay — too many brilliant toasts to fit the rack.

The utterly brilliant Roy Samuel Reid at the top of his game, riding tougher-than-tough Nineys. Back in.

On Enforcer’s Ride On Marcus, with a previously unreleased dub.

Irrepressible toasting, over a hurting Freddie McKay vocal and rocking, percussive rhythm, with a killer horns dub (from the Cancer LP).

Roy Reid (a JA customs official) on the politics of national currencies, with a dub getaway to Ruritania — from The General double.