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A gem of a box to the acclaimed standards of this Atlanta label: a lovely book with essays, historical articles and full track notes by the great US discographer Dick Spottswood, and hours of romping stomping jazz.

Brilliant digi dancehall rhythms — from Firehouse to Lenky — with some new stuff thrown in by the likes of Diplo and Harmonic 313.

Ace Ken Khouri productions for Federal, from 1964-5; beautifully repackaged.

Lavish — and popping every style — stuffed with his best roots and mainstream hits.

Celebrating a decade of magical music, inspired nonsense, revived childhood memories, the bizarre, the beautiful and the weird it’s the Trunk 10th anniversary collection. Every home should have one!

HIghly recommended selection of Jimmy Radway earthquakes… back in.

The Heavenless, Cat Paw, Far East, Tonight, Sara and Fire Fire rhythms.

The Magic Moment, Head To Toe, African Beat, Be Mine Tonight, Nah Lef Ya, Top Celebrity Man, China Town, Fresh, Duck Dance and Conquer Me rhythms.

Who She Love, Missing You, Carpenter, Tears, Natty Dread, The Score, Mammma Mamma Man, Peenie Peenie, Love Punaany Bad and Punaany rhythms.

Jammy’s reign over early dancehall imperiously re-told. First up, the Darkershade, Tempo, Stalag, Hypocrites, Denise, Sleng Teng, Big Belly Man and Father Jungle Rock rhythms. Nice commentary by Rob Kenner.