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Her second studio LP — one of several self-titled releases, known in the UK as ‘In Vogue’ — in a numbered edition of 500, pressed on audiophile clear vinyl.

Sparkling sixties New York Latin Jazz — a collectors’ legend — led by Osvaldo Martinez on guiro and timbale, and featuring the great trumpeter Alfredo Chocolate Armentero. Tremendous stuff.

Bluesily poetic baritone singing in the great post-war tradition of Assèfa Abatè, Fréw Haylou, Asnaqètch Wèrqu, Kètèma Mèkonnen and co. Lovely.

‘Calypso classics from 1928-1947 by legends like The Growler and The Lion as well as by some lesser known but great artists. Heavy topical songs, minor chord meditations on death, beautiful instrumentals and more… All true masterpieces.’

Armenia’s greatest living musician and the acknowledged master of the double-reeded duduk, with its unique, mournful sound. ‘Without doubt one of the most beautiful and soulful recordings I have ever heard,’ says Brian Eno.

Terrific West African funk from 1974. The FF backed Geraldo Pino for years, before recording with Odion Iruoje (Ofege, SJOB Movement, Fela etc etc). Stone classic from start to finish. Ace notes, too.

Issued shortly after the teenager’s LP debut, with some of its songs (and some additions) re-recorded here in Italian, including her first single, her own composition Oh Oh Cheri.

Space jazz, grooving funk and svelte ambient composed for the celebrated late-70s anime TV series, by the You And The Explosion Band. Lashings of Korg. Well worth checking out.

Landmark South African jazz from 1974 — spiritual and political, shimmering and surging. Reverbed trad and trap drums, mesmeric bass, soaring flute, rocking sax. Warmly recommended.

Precious SA freedom sounds — intensely spiritual and engaged — crossed by bebop, rooted in Malombo Jazz, animated by Biko. From 1976, on the cusp of intensifying apartheid repression, and radio silence.

Outstanding 1977 Afrobeat recorded in Ghana by the Ivorian Ahui Ngoran Marcel for the Papa Disco label. A fifteen-piece featuring Lola Everett at the mic, ace guitarist Sammy Cropper, hypnotic piano, rocking horns…

The dastardly Sukebe, back from pornotopia with a model-actress-singer on each arm. Grooving, late-70s disco, with giddy strings and orgasmic syndrums; a PG Mercer and Arlen, early-80s style and fashion.

His debut LP, collecting singles from 1972-4. Moody, melodic settings of mystical Sufi poetry for ploughing electric bass, fatback drums, wah-wah guitars and sick keys.

Starkly haunting, tearing masterpieces of rebetika from 1933-37, when Rita and Roza ruled the roost. The best Greek composers and musicians around, too.