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Two men emerge from the sea, carrying a large wardrobe. They tour the town, catching hell, before disappearing back into the waves, still with the wardrobe. Jazz by the Komeda Sextet for Polanski’s 1958 short — and the celebrated Knife In The Water, from 1962.

The wonderful Nommos and Visiting albums (again).

Bonkers, ritualistic, double-barrelled punk-funk from the Boredoms crew. Javanese gamelan, Magma, Miles and The Slits, swirling around in the virtuosic stew. Brilliantly executed, exhilarating, warmly recommended.

‘The most vivid rhythmic reality’: cello, voice, echoes. Drumless versions of Let’s Go Swimming, Tree House, Wax The Van; four previously unreleased tracks from Sketches From World Of Echo.

From the US, Colombia, Nigeria, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand and Iran.

Charged garage-rock from Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1970. Championed by the innumerate Enjoy The Experience: ‘Amongst my favorites, the sincerity and verve in the performances remain fresh to the ear and heart thirty years later.’

Gilles Deleuze reading Nietzsche, against progressive rock backing from the court of King Crimson, supplied by Richard Pinhas and group. From 1973, when it was distributed free of charge.

Toughening up, in 1976. ‘Pure, savage, electronic energy.’
Lovely orange vinyl.

Hypnotic, heavy prog — moogs and guitars — from 1975. Three 7s this week by the French guitarist Richard Pinhas, beautifully presented as facsimile editions by the Souffle C imprint, new-born to the excellent Paris shop.

Issued shortly after the teenager’s LP debut, with some of its songs (and some additions) re-recorded here in Italian, including her first single, her own composition Oh Oh Cheri.

EM’s creepy soundtrack to the 1970 thriller, distinguished by its vocal scoring. Soprano Edda Dee’Orso’s cascading lines mix unsettlingly with stabbing strings… brilliantly befitting the film’s Hitchcockian highlights.

With the Gruppo d’Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza — the legendary avant-improvisation ensemble of which Morricone was a founding member — for Enzo Castellari’s 1971 film.

One of Morricone’s best scores, composed in 1971 for Rubartelli’s documentary about the super-model —a startlingly surreal, freaky, sombre journey of self-discovery in the Italian countryside.

Space jazz, grooving funk and svelte ambient composed for the celebrated late-70s anime TV series, by the You And The Explosion Band. Lashings of Korg. Well worth checking out.

Their playful, mysterious, charming, but long-forgotten soundtrack to an early-60s Italian cult movie. The great Helen Merrill is outstanding.

‘We dig. Around the clock.’
‘Hold onto yourself, Bartlett. You’re twenty feet short of the woods. The hole is right here in the open. The guard is between us and the lights.’

The utterly brilliant 1998 EP, plus another half an hour of unreleased recordings from the same sessions. Hard-boiled minimalism meets UK garage. Body-rocking, criss, inimitable, seminal and funny. Box fresh.