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Forty of the most remarkable, among them the haunting black-throated diver, the delicate golden oriole, the ethereal kokako and rufous-throated solitaire. Check the Chiming Wedgebill and Gray Catbird samples.

A jay that neighs like a horse; bullfinches that whistle traditional German folk tunes; a thrush copying a quail; a blackird imitating a computer modem; a starling that mimics an owl, a jackdaw and a chicken.

Ersatz Giorgio Moroder meets wannabe Glen Campbell at the 1980 roots of electro-boogie-country terror. Sleazy, wrong and enjoyable — featuring the nine-minute dance version of the feted title-track.

Dreamy percussion exotica by a group of fourteen-year-old students (ten girls, including Evelyn Glennie, one boy) in Aberdeen, from 1978.

The saw maestro hooks up with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for unique interpretations of Lennon and McCartney, Bizet, Ravel, Satie, Bach, The Muppets and more.

Lengthy ambient recordings. A Sussex woodland, the New Forest, Dartmoor.

Steel guitar exotica by the virtuosic country and western session-man — great fun.

Psych, funk, folk, jazz, lounge, boogie and straight-up-weirdness from American private press albums. Warmly recommended… the book, too.

‘Highmonics’ recorded in Maryland in 1975 — outsider musique concrete for the similarly wasted: primitive synths, treated vocals, scraped metals, a bong live and direct… all lovingly dosed with delay and reverb.

Space age pop, exotica, lounge, cocktail music, hi-fi sounds. John Cage meets Joe Meek inna bachelor pad. Definitively The Sound Of The 1950s Today.

Exotica, a bossa, and real-deal British bebop from 1964: four unissued cues featuring The Hastings Girl Choir, and four cuts with Coleridge Goode and Bobby Orr.

Accompanying himself on piano and harmonium, with support from Don Cherry and Bob Dorough amongst others, in twenty-one song settings with words from Blake’s Songs Of Innocence And Experience.

Celebrating a decade of magical music, inspired nonsense, revived childhood memories, the bizarre, the beautiful and the weird it’s the Trunk 10th anniversary collection. Every home should have one!