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People from Hot Chip, This Heat and Spring Heel Jack recording songs (mostly) by Alexis Taylor — over a single day, to keep things spontaneous and fresh.

Spanish freak funk and symphonic jazz-rock — crossing Goblin, Egg, Soft Machine and co — aimed originally at Ibiza’s 1970 psychedelic club scene.

Approachable, bite-size meanderings in the guitar-heavy, space-prog, but multi-ethnic Hawkwind legacy. (More hippie shit from Japan.)

Sick electro pop, dub-techno and generally spooked, OD’d, stark modular fury from the Chicago duo: ‘itchy Cluster tones…frazzled Factory keys…LCD oscillations…NEU-motorik thrust… Argabright playgrounds…’

Dazzling melds of classic Detroit, grime, dubstep, speed garage, Paisley rock, synth-wave and the rest, with none other than the man not-himself crowned king.

The Osaka girls thrash out triumphantly.

Apotik Kali Asin — heavy psychedelic and progressive funk rock from Surabaya, East Java, mixing together Hendrix, James Brown, Steppenwolf and Grand Funk Railroad.

‘The best psych from his first two albums and many singles… full of fuzz guitar, electric sax and great percussion. His dark voice makes you shiver and you feel like dancing right away.’

His debut LP, collecting singles from 1972-4. Moody, melodic settings of mystical Sufi poetry for ploughing electric bass, fatback drums, wah-wah guitars and sick keys.

Southern rock, deep into blues and jazz, from Blind Willie McTell, to legendary, epic jam Whipping Post, to the Latino stormer Elizabeth Reed, with Duane’s slide making deep tips of the stetson to Coltrane. 180g.

A beguiling sixth installment of the solo project of Alan Bishop from the Sun City Girls and Sublime Frequencies, presented in a gorgeous, thirty-two-page, hard-bound booklet of erotic art.