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Two songs based on Berio’s Folk Songs cycle, tunes by Sun Ra and Chick Corea with her own words, and four Joyce settings.

The guitarist recorded in 1974 with Jan Hammer — organ, synthesizer, piano — and Jack DeJohnette.

With violinist Mark Feldman, Thomas Morgan and Joey Baron.

Joyous interpretations of Bill Evans’ Interplay, Miles’ Flamenco Sketches, a Trane and a Rollins, Ornette’s Blues Connotation; several originals. With Joe Lovano, Drew Gress and Joey Baron.

Ravishing, melodic and lyrical, but also poised and alert piano-playing.

Big-band arrangements of well-known pieces by Dave Holland, Chick Corea, Trygve Seim, Jan Garbarek, and Keith Jarrett, featuring Tommy Smith alongside the double-bassist.

With Francois Couturier, piano; Jean Louis Matinier, accordion.

John Surman, bass clarinet and soprano saxophone; Dave Holland, double-bass.

With Barbaros Erkose, clarinet; Lassad Hosni, bendir, darbouka.

Crafted, swinging, soulful Middle Eastern jazz, led by oud and bass clarinet. Dedicated to the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. (Why he didn’t win the Nobel Prize isn’t a mystery.)

From 1990 — a trio with oud, violin and percussion.

Oud, piano, accordion.

‘I pushed myself to write songs and dances uninfluenced by the sophistication of contemporary musical languages, pieces that might have been played on archaic instruments a thousand years ago.’

New chants, hymns and dances for piano trio, inspired by visions from Swift, Fourier, Calvino — seeking ‘a new harmonic balance between archaic modal pre-tonal chant, pure tonal songs and abstract texture’.

A charged, mystical, batty blend of folk, chant, modern-classical and jazz improvisation, performed solo — singing, playing violin and karimba. One-of-a-kind; recommended.

A live recording with guitarist Terje Rypdal revisiting his If Mountains Could Sing and Skywards, and the pianist’s Water Stories and The Sea — throwing in a snatch of Grieg, and new material.

The Norwegian jazz pianist in nine improvisations fired by his own highly-acclaimed fiction; and recordings of Debussy, Beethoven and co from the book’s grand launch.