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A Sly And Robbie rhythm for a Channel One pass-the-mic.

Drawing on the 1960s, from the Alley Cats through The Skatalites to the Soul Vendors, this top-notch retrospective came soon after the great man’s death in 1998, and it’s a worthy tribute, full of love.

Magnificent roots reggae LP originally issued on the Clappers label: Clayton Downie’s productions showcase four vocal groups from Burning Spear’s home parish in Jamaica.  Fans of ‘Marcus Garvey’ will be in heaven.

We’ve unearthed a few boxes of this pioneering, magisterial compilation, which turned many of us here onto Mustafa Ozkent, Fikret Kizilok, Erkin Koray, Temiz and co, a decade ago. Still dazzling, fresh, essential.

Earth-moving stuff here, of course, with Joe Henderson, Alice Coltrane, Gary Bartz, Norman Connors… but ‘forgotten’? Even as a marketing angle, you must be kidding.

The original 12-inch mixes.

A precious summary of the early days of this great little London label, opening with Macca Bees’ all-time classic and political hardy perennial, Nation Fiddler.

Brilliant Lenky rhythm from ten years ago, with everyone on it (not least Egg Nog).

With Glen Brown, Bongo Herman and Trinity (demonstrating the laughter of female ghosts), amongst others.

An introduction to Pete Weston’s Toronto-based label — a magpie, but loads of killer mid-seventies here, with stone classics from the studios of Lee Perry, Studio One and King Tubby amongst them.