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Their combination of close-harmony-singing, mandolin and spiritual frankness can cut you to the bone. Here’s the 1959 album, plus a bunch of classics chosen by Dolly Parton, Will Oldham, Kris Kristofferson and co.

Classics chosen by Dolly Parton, Lucinda Williams, Will Oldham, Kris Kristofferson and co.

Fred Neil’s exceptionally rare early pop and rockabilly sides brought together at last.

Two classic Elektras and a few extras.

With Vince Martin for Elektra in 1964.

One disc celebrating maternal kindness, discipline, teaching and love; another of songs about a mother’s death. 40 recordings, 65 antique photos in a hardback book: another exquisite Dust To Digital.

1969-73 — including publisher demos, alternate mixes and songs from a radio session.