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‘Part Hindustani inflected musical miasma and part warped hillbilly vibrational swing that sways in and out of auditory focus. This is vertiginous music for the third ear.’ With C.C. Hennix.

‘Call it late night head music or even call it ecstatic Minimalism if you have to… our man Flynt takes his electrified fiddle and blends his droning sonic calisthenics with lonesome swing melodies and high decibel screech’.

First shoots of his avant-hillbilly, 1975-79, the teachings of Pran Nath back in the house. ‘I aspire to a beauty which is ecstatic and perpetual, while at the same time concretely human and emotionally profound.’

Country-funk gem from 1969. Sly Stone called Ford ‘the baddest white man on the planet’; Bobby Womack (for whom he wrote Harry Hippie) called him ‘a beautiful cat, one of the most creative people I’ve ever met.’

The long-coveted 1959 gem from the eclectic jazz pioneer, Kabbalist, magic man, and eternal left-winger — orchestrated jazz based on Hebraic, African, and American folk songs.

‘To hear fully the subtlety in Furry’s singing is to gain an insight not only into the singer, but into the creative process of the blues itself,’ wrote Sam Charters. Vocalions and Victors by the Memphis legend.

The Memphis bluesman’s finest recordings, from the late 1920s.
Compelling stories in song, like John Henry and Casey Jones.

‘The poor are getting poorer / The rich are getter rich / If I don’t starve / I’m a son of a… gun. / I’m gonna starve / Everybody will / ‘Cause you can’t make a living / From a cotton mill.’ Tremendous CD.

Dylan gave it to an enthused Neil Young: ‘the original wealth of our recorded music, the cream of the crop… it’s incredible. It’s in a wooden box and everything, and it’s just so beautiful.’

Open, crafted pop single from Woody’s seventeen-year-old daughter, recorded in 1967.

Staggering first portion of stuff for the 1951 WSM radio show sponsored by Mother Best’s Flour. New versions of classics, and unrecorded songs, with intimate asides from the great man, and full of his presence.