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From 1927-9, haunting sacred blues, angelically sung, with accompaniment on the Dolceola miniature piano. One of our favourite Mississippis.

CSNY-style folk and rock from 1973, Boulder, Colorado, reissued by the Numero offshoot.

Tough, pioneering, female Appalachian bluegrass.

With Leadbelly, Ramblin’ Thomas, Charley Patton and co.

‘A certain sense of untamed control, which makes him one of the best’ (Bob Dylan).
Classic hard-core Kentucky music, from three sessions — in 1961, 1964 and 1974.

An impressive survey of nine LPs — epochal, ringing classics like Cod’ine and Universal Soldier in with her satire, protest and general hippie shit; covers of Joni, Neil Young (with the man himself), Leonard Cohen.

Unearthly musical saw and fine Hawaiian guitar soli recorded in the early 1920s.

Warm, hazy and enigmatic Laurel Canyon country-folk — her debut — with well-measured baroque-ish brass and woodwind arrangements, reverbed and layered voices.

Beautiful, early-seventies, singer-songwriter, orchestral, countrified pop. The challenges of this second album put her back on heroin: it was her last. Vinyl is 180g from 4 Men With Beards.

‘Acoustic and electric guitars, a detuned violin, organ, electronics and koto… an acid folk duet, an epic, three-part space suite, and two shorts that entice hidden memories of having bees in your mouth.’

‘Heavy, acoustic guitar and mumbled vocalizations merge with out-there jamming… bare-bones — most cuts are just dressed up with overdubbed chimes and bells, three are direct-to-tape.’

With Big Joe Williams, Robert McCoy, Henry Townsend, Yank Rachell and co.

As leader, and alongside Joe Williams, Arthur Crudup, Willie Love, Elmore James, Jerry McCain and co.

The legendary field recordings made by Alan Lomax (and Shirley Collins), released by Atlantic Records in 1959. Quality vinyl, in a deluxe multiple sleeve, with a twenty-four page booklet.

Revered, out-of-it, haunted, psych folk 1969 solo album by former member of Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape (who dropped some LSD and motorcycyled from California to the Nashville studio, in his pyjamas).

The 1972 LP coupled with an equally rare film from 1970, The Secret Of Sleep.

Zinging folk-blues session discovered in the tape cupboard of a Milwaukee radio station. Originals, Lomax stuff, blues covers. Rated a key influence by David Bowie, Lucinda Williams, John Lennon and co.