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Fab tee, in honour of Harry Smith.

24 prime cuts from the fabulous Art Rosenbaum box set.

‘... a favourite item of anyone with an interest in genuine American traditional music’, wrote Shirley Collins about Volume I. Again a must, in a 10-inch box, with a 96-page book of essays, lyrics, photos and art.

The king of mush mouth country blues.

A factory-sealed cut-out, with a notch in the case.

A 1969 Blue Thumb, post-Takoma. ‘Arabic, Himalayan and Indian themes, Japanese and Chinese scales, classical and European folk music… on magnificent display on this sprawling, spiritually-charged album.’

His gone, meditative 1965 debut, already steeped in Eastern modalities and Indian mysticism. The opener is based on a Ravi Shankar raga; Bardo Blues is a musical rendition of the Tibetan Book Of The Dead.

Tremendous 1978 LP. 6 and 12 string guitars, piano; singing and whistling, to keep it real. ‘‘Better to drink wine from the hands than water from a pretty cup’… the ultimate is wine from a pretty cup. Amen.’

‘I went through my Japanese period, my Indian period, now this is my Persian period. I really love classical Persian music: Hindu raga, in a Persian way.’ Piano, guitar, singing: truly transcendent stuff from 1974.

His only solo album, from 1968, when he was on the Greenwich Village circuit, plaiting together blues and Eastern styles in the same neck of the woods as Fahey, Basho et al, but in his own way.

The essential, wildly original ragtime-style finger-picking of the Floridian blues god.

Country blues and folk originating from the American Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and the First World War — humorous and tragic, sardonic and vivid, with some terrific fiddlin’ and pickin’.