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Caustic, laconic, long-face techno thumpers.
Less single malt than paint-stripper (albeit expertly applied with a sex-machine).

Uproarious, run-to-the-rocks skin-flayers. Rrruff!

Epic, percussive house groovers — deftly frazzled, just a touch wonky. Outstanding.

Ace heavyweight techno from St. Petersburg. Dirty, gritty, belting, twisted.

Fine techno from Scuba.

One half Svengalisghost, with an electronic erotic cabaret. ‘Pulsing tones, off beat drums, melancholic vocals, and overall dark vibes characterize but do not exhaust what it is to truly trust in pain.’

Classy, atmospheric, widescreen excursions from Simone Vescovo. Warm Chicago-house vibes, signing off with some grooving disco.

Excellent, deep techno — a favourite with Marcel Dettmann.

Rolando and 2562.

Fierce noise… for sluicing your system.

Textured underground techno from Bergen, Norway, via the Sex Tags camp. Three tracks, two speeds: stinging, chugging — like a proper west-coast-of-Norway outdoors rave — or more ambient and rapturous.