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The last word in knees-up Grand Guignol. The slaughterhouse-techno work-song back around, briefly.

A spectacular curtain-raiser from this imprint ‘based in the desert.’ A magnificent, swirling, multi-rhythmic evocation of heartbreak; with a clarified, haunting, motorik remix by Lakker. Tiny run.

Bracing portions of the screaming abdabs dressed as naked, hooligan machine-funk — fizzing, stomping, juddering and going mental in the furnace of high noon like whizzed-up children of the hydra’s teeth.

Mathew Jonson’s improvisatory group with Danuel and Tyger Dhula.

Great record: a couple of unreleased 80s synth gems — dark, warped proto-techno — with exceptional remixes by Kink and Morgan Geist (digging back a lot deeper than electro-pop or nouveau-disco).

With our man tripping out for twelve and a half minutes on the flip.

Bouncing and splashing, roughly jazzy and warmly funky house EP from the two brothers, perking up classic US templates with grands verres de vintage Versatile, and a dash of early-days Daft Punk. Check MBC.

Like those other South American producers Luciano, Villalobos and Dandy Jack, this Chilean makes intriguing, clean and classy minimal house, with a level interest in its life away from the dancefloor.