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Dark, scruffy techno out of New Jersey from the shrinking violet behind MMT Tapes, aka Professor Genius.

The Californian has a CCCP and a couple of the very best LIES, but this stomping, grisly, suspenseful, four-track assassinator tops the lot. You get plenty more prep and purpose, and a load more killing.

On the rebound from Trilogy and LIES, the San Franciscan trades up the the sci-fi in Jeff Mills for bonus energy and grit: Flesh And Blood is the bare essentials, squared. On the flip, Low Jack chips into the Industrial madness, putting some Muslimgauze to the funk; BJ is dirty stinking noise.

Demdike Stare and Andy Votel.

Each side is quite different. Splutterings of Prince and bebop on the title cut; Africolaps nods out on traditional African percussion.

A bobbing, minimal groover from the Berlin corner, dug-in and funked-up over ten minutes; and icily original, top-dog work from Pev, tethered between a kind of arrested Highlife and a Detroit breakout.

Based on recordings by John Abercrombie, Miroslav Vitous, Louis Sclavis, Bennie Maupin, Paul Motian, Arvo Part and co.

Drummer and Chain Reaction veteran Sasu Ripatti with reeds and Craig Armstrong’s keys — and a jazzy, acoustic new direction, developed in the darkness and isolation of Finnish winter inside the Arctic Circle.

Roughety-toughety, romping-stomping techno.

Another startling Blank Slate showcase. Fresh, upcoming perspectives from Mexico, Belgium, Poland and the UK, running gritty techno drivers into textured, experimental abstraction.

Four aces from one of the brothers behind the dope Ilian Tape label, out of Giesing, Munich (where people surf in the river: youtube.com/watch?v=7S3lHFGfbyI). Spaced, rocking, multi-pronged. Warmly recommended.

Crafted, varied EP from Kenneth Lay and Jason Carr, out of the Metasplice milieu in Philly. A couple of ant nests, a droner with an mbalax tic, and a monster-crunchy, sun-up soundscape. Boot cyan lean.