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Unmissable, tear-up, first release on new label from MMM co-conspirator.

The lethal, furiously ecstatic Soundhack remix of Auto Repeat. Text-book disco-house murder.

The twitching, mangled corpses of Lemon and Tamiko Jones, left for dead by Frank Timm on the altar of cut-and-loop disco-house. Brilliant, deep-rooted and ecstatic.

A bass-bin trembler from the surefire doyen of contemporary disco-house. Back.

Brilliant out-disco and avant-techno punishments. One half of MMM and Smith n Hack, Erik cracks the whip.

Back around, fresh as a daisy.

Ruthless, witty, dazzling cut-up-disco from this Errorsmith-versus-Soundhack-aka-Soundstream team of champions.