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Skulking in behind Cousin Cockroach… a millennial Benny Ill — his seminal hybrid of breakbeat and UK garage, rampin’ junglist vibes to the max, swimming with lickshot, bass terror and ragga swagger… Dark funk from PAN’s Beneath, mixing up soca and grime… And a poster by Max D!

On the rebound from Trilogy and LIES, the San Franciscan trades up the the sci-fi in Jeff Mills for bonus energy and grit: Flesh And Blood is the bare essentials, squared. On the flip, Low Jack chips into the Industrial madness, putting some Muslimgauze to the funk; BJ is dirty stinking noise.

Hot Detroit techno from the Omar S spar, launching his own imprint.

Nuts! is for the dance floor, with hard-nosed, clattering beats and streetsoul synths. Murder A Burger is for driving fast to. Celestian Ditton is warm, rolling and spelt wrong, with a nice Falty DL remix. Dego’s back from Brooklyn, baby… in prodigal mood. Watch this space.