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Superb soul album, with a fresh, direct musicality down to Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman from Truth And Soul, and unafraid of politics. The triple LP has an extra couple of sides of instrumentals.

Classic psych, funk and hard rock from India — a ton of rare and unreleased sides by the group’s different lineups, luxuriously packaged, with copious notes, reminiscences, and rare ephemera.

Raw drums, breaks and beats from Dan Bitney, John Herndon and John McEntire from Tortoise.

Covers of Pete Rock classics like The World Is Yours, Straighten It Out and T.R.O.Y.; interspersed with new instrumental originals.

Analogue-synth funk fantasies by Morgan Z.

Twelve classics.

Instrumental hip-hop and the rest from the Dilla and Madlib deejay.
With a mystery disc of untitled tracks.

Madlib and Azymuth’s Ivan Conti!

Entertaining, personable and free-flowing — post-punk-meets-old-school.

‘Music for ‘different’ commercials… all beats and little melodies… one of the selling points of the record is that it helps plants enter photosynthesis on command.’

35 hip hop instrumentals from the master, Madlib.