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With a Maximillion Dunbar, nuttily combining grime, jungle and breakbeat.

‘Bubbling House’ shockers from Delft, and the broader Surinamese and Antillean communities of The Netherlands. ‘These drums may come from the Caribbean, but the synths belong on a space station.’ Hyper fun.

A four-track EP, bemired and evil-eyed, but with room for Arnaldo to breathe out and flex a little after his spooked, sparked contribution to the Blank Slate 001 showcase.

Original, mystical, minimal house excursions, over fourteen and twelve minutes respectively.

Fiercely brilliant, slashing, whooping dance music from Oni — all-original, no samples — and a stonking Detroit thumper from the master.

Another storming, ranging EP from the New Yorkers: heavy-duty, soulful machine-funk for the dancefloor, charged and swinging with old-school Chicago vibes.

Terrific house EP from the B-Tracks other half — moody, soulful, raw, catchy, bumping and elastic.

Superb, diverse EP… warmly recommended. Storming disco house, with soulful strings; a Rhodes-driven soul-vocal bubbler. Rolling techno, with stabs, cowbell, congas; a haunting, out-there closer.

Timeless Blaze instrumental from 1993, minimal but swinging and jazzy, reissued by Slow To Speak on its CORE imprint. Loud pressing, high quality vinyl, silkscreened sleeves.

With a bonus CD of alternate mixes.

Well… Do You Remember House?

Dubby, Detroit-flavoured, Bristolian stomper.