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A mix-tape of his all time favourite productions, collaborations, and guest appearances, with some rarities and first airings.

With tremendous ambition, showcasing the music of all three, live with full orchestras. Mulatu versus Phil Ranelin and Bennie Maupin; Dilla featuring Bilal and Dwele; Verocai doing over his 1972 masterpiece.

With Dudley Perkins, Black Milk, Stacy Epps and Big Pooh.

A spectacular patchwork of thirty-eight choice cuts of Japanese noir and porno soundtracks.

Hud Mo and Ciorsdan Brown.

‘Let’s see who can quote Big Daddy Kane the fastest…’ Brilliantly flies the flag for culture and memory. Shout-outs by the dozen — Tim Dog, Group Home, Busy Bee, Shante… ‘It’s like these folks never existed.’

With Raekwon, Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli and a cast of thousands.