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The vinyl is properly reissued, remastered in a gatefold sleeve, with a poster.

Breaking from sci-fi alter egos like Octagon and Dooom, Tashan is the anti-hero of a gritty Bronx reality show. A genuine Kool Keith album project for a change too, produced by long-time collaborator DJ Junkaz Lou.

The Compton rapper killing it on his major-label debut — brilliant story-telling, intimate and natural, but ruminative and densely rhymed — with blaxploitation-style settings by Dre, Pharrell, Just Blaze and co.

‘History of the Loop Digga, 1990-2000, is a full-length hip-hop album by Madlib, chronicling his formative decade of underground beat-tape production.’

Fourteen tracks of straight-up hip hop — with Detroit rapper Frank Nitt.
LPs come in a silk-screened sleeve (as well they might at that price).

Bestride worldwide underground rock scenes from the 1960s through the 80s: US psychedelia, Krautrock, acid-soaked Spanish prog-rock, synth oddities and all.

A mix-tape of his all time favourite productions, collaborations, and guest appearances, with some rarities and first airings.