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Carl Craig back on Honest Jon’s, in devastating form: nervy and urgent, epic and apocalyptic, kicking and funky as anything. The juiciest bits from Lagos (that drumming!) in fine and nasty Detroit style.

Fiercely brilliant, slashing, whooping dance music from Oni — all-original, no samples — and a stonking Detroit thumper from the master.

Variations derived from Karajan’s original multitracking — brilliant and sleek, gripping and true to the dancefloor, with some of Carl and Moritz’ signature thrills and spills.

Brilliant, no-messing Robert Hood locomotives.

With a Carl Craig.

Including an interview with Mills about how he sees the future unfolding.

Recordings taken in a Paris club, with a microphone, not through the mixer. Mills on three decks with live 909 programming, pretty awesome.

Mesmeric and suspenseful, you feel cut short when they finish.