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Whooping, raving dubstep, rubbing the sex off r ‘n’ b.

Brisk, spooked, fine remixes — the Berliner the more techy, the Bristolian the more dubby.

Vintage reggae udder action, fresh Berlin-style Leipzig dub, drum-and-bass-not-in-yer-face — sometimes you can’t lose with the stuff you use. Ting-a-ling, nicely done. Check out the label’s other releases.

Well-crafted, feeling variations of bass, UK garage and house, drum and bass and the rest.

An occult homage to UK garage — two-step waylaid in the scuffed, churning, sub-heavy geography running from Chain Reaction days to Monolake, mysteriously entangled with distressed trails from old Ugandan 78s.

New mixtape from ex Roll Deep Crew member. Production from Wiley, Danny Weed, Scratchy, Mega.

Tremendous 2006 London dance album crossing Rhythm And Sound, dub, dub poetry, dubstep, click house and minimal techno.

Great. Much more embroiled in tradition than the reviews let on. UK underground Dance garbed as Garage; everything inflected by the classic experiments of Bristol bands like Smith And Mighty.

Lovesick, dubwise, Bristolian and luxuriant… over twenty-five minutes in all, on 180g vinyl.

Thirteen brand new instrumentals from the Newham General.

A bobbing, minimal groover from the Berlin corner, dug-in and funked-up over ten minutes; and icily original, top-dog work from Pev, tethered between a kind of arrested Highlife and a Detroit breakout.

Fresh grime, deeply rooted, crossed with garage and Detroit.

Perfect bound this time, sixty pages, full-colour cover. Durrty Goodz, Shut Up and Dance, Tippa Irie, Scuba, Ninjaman, Iration Steppas, Badman Commandments, plus reviews etc. A must-read, essential stuff.

Turned up a few this week.