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Choppy, propulsive, atmospheric Bristolian techno, with a celebrity junglist excursion from Sotofett.

Documenting the first couple of years of every soundboy’s favourite dubstep label.

The genius mixing engineer does over a stellar lineup of specials, from Mala, Kode9, Shackleton, King Midas Sound, Pinch and co.

Marcel Dettmann in the house.

Soundboy’s Bones Get Buried In The Dirt Volume 1.

New label, with the first of two swingeing twelves, remixing Congotronics. This is Shackleton taking on the Kasai Allstars, and Burnt Friedman versus Konono No. 1.

Thrilling, oppositional dance music, heady with dread and drama, flash-lit with nods in all directions — mbira, steel pan, drone, Berlin techno, pipe organ, guitar improv, the call-to-prayer, early Steve Reich…

Signature Shackleton — paranoia flaring into dancefloor fire, gripping and rolling. With a chilled and crackling King Midas Sound, Hitomi forlorn. And finally The Bug himself, digital only, getting in your face.

A malevolent scorcher, with Middle Eastern percussion harking back to Hamas Rule; a ravening, scrabbling T++ remix. And a new departure — rich and spry, computer-unbound — with a truly epic, stunning Mordant.