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Shackleton, and Appleblim with Komonazmuk.

Mellow and fresh — a kind of dubstep-streetsoul.

Skulking in behind Cousin Cockroach… a millennial Benny Ill — his seminal hybrid of breakbeat and UK garage, rampin’ junglist vibes to the max, swimming with lickshot, bass terror and ragga swagger… Dark funk from PAN’s Beneath, mixing up soca and grime… And a poster by Max D!

Urgent new forays into the Hadean coils of classic techno, jungle, grime and dub. Big-bottomed, nitty-gritty studies in dread, running edginess hard into craft, the here-and-now into the space-world.

Mid-tempo r ‘n’ b niced up into sultry, techy dubstep.

Flying Lotus, Gang Gang Dance, Cooly G, Joel Ford, Mala, Ras G, Green Gartside and co… revisiting the Waiting For You album.

With The Spaceape featuring Chacha; and Flying Lotus and Black Chow mixes.