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Soundboy’s Ashes Get Chopped Up And Snorted.

Soundboy’s Bones Get Buried In The Dirt Volume 2.

Winding up the label with an exemplary, forward-looking and fertile assembly of styles. Chillingly brilliant, for the most part — get a load of T++‘s take on Vansan.

Excellent, sharp, fresh, diverse EP hard on their slot in Ben UFO’s Fabric mix. Pushing home the thumpers with as much aplomb as their more sideways stuff.

A top-notch footwork compilation; easily the best intro around.

The last word in knees-up Grand Guignol. The slaughterhouse-techno work-song back around, briefly.

With Ekoplekz and Andres mixes.

Glittering ghettotech filth featuring Tiombe Lockhart on Ikonika’s synth-over of the New York band, which collaborates with Bok Bok on the flip. Excellent.

Nuts! is for the dance floor, with hard-nosed, clattering beats and streetsoul synths. Murder A Burger is for driving fast to. Celestian Ditton is warm, rolling and spelt wrong, with a nice Falty DL remix. Dego’s back from Brooklyn, baby… in prodigal mood. Watch this space.