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Core crew — Regis, Surgeon, Female, Antonym — mixed with new faces like Samuel Kerridge and Oake. O’Connor’s hard-nosed take on TG-Normal-Cabaret Voltaire certainly had the legs. Fill your glasses.

Dazzling melds of classic Detroit, grime, dubstep, speed garage, Paisley rock, synth-wave and the rest, with none other than the man not-himself crowned king.

Three exclusives trailering the Splazsh album, including a carnivalesque house banger from Zomby. Out Detroit, UK bass science and UK funky, cold wave and Kraftwerk… a London thing, mongrel and dashing.

An immersive, slashing, ecstatic thumper, just about getting Mars on the radio; and a kind of unhinged marimba and thumb-piano variation, grubbing around manically in half-memories of African polyrhythm.

The implacable, alien Son Of Sleng Teng — a beast of of a tune, lumbering and snuffling, one-of-a-kind — bleeping, buzzing, knocking, dripping, reverberating… and unresolved in nine minutes.

With a Maximillion Dunbar, nuttily combining grime, jungle and breakbeat.

Superb, deep EP. Drones, washes, bleep.

Carl Craig back on Honest Jon’s, in devastating form: nervy and urgent, epic and apocalyptic, kicking and funky as anything. The juiciest bits from Lagos (that drumming!) in fine and nasty Detroit style.

Romping house, the old school way, from this underground Detroit original.