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With Gary Bartz, Charles Tolliver, Stanley Cowell, and Andy Bey.

With the Turrentines and Julian Priester, Bob Boswell on bass, no piano (which opens things out). The title track is a Bill Lee composition; To Lady is a haunting Billie Holiday tribute.

With Abbey Lincoln, Eric Dolphy, Julian Priester, Booker Little, Mal Waldron, Clifford Jordan, Art Davis, Patato and Totico.

Bundled with Plus Four — the two 1960 Mercurys — with Stanley and Tommy Turrentine, Julian Priester and Bob Boswell.

With Cecil Bridgewater on trumpet, Billy Harper on tenor sax and Reggie Workman on bass, recorded in Rome on 27 July 1977, originally released on Horo.

Intriguing 1958 line-up: Ray Draper on tuba, Booker Little, George Coleman, Art Davis.