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It’s been a long wait for decent Leroy Smart coverage, and this is excellent. 1975-78: Tubbys, Jammys, Channel One.

Satta outing, with Trinity on the flip.

Storming seventies Channel One rhythm with the same kind of militant double-time drumming as Gregory’s Mr Know It All. Mr Smart sings his heart out. Like the I Roy, on seven here for the first time.

Leroy Smart on tough, mid-tempo Channel One is a hard act to follow… but female deejay Super Chick steals the show on the flip, smashing Fight Fight. Murder.

Super-heavy piece of Green Bay Killing, with an unreleased dub; and a Shaolin Temple excursion on the flip, with a tough Scientist.

Murderous next version of the almighty Horace Andy / Zion Gate rhythm, with Leroy Superstar Smart taking a turn in the witness box, alongside King Tubby… Nothing but the truth.

Looks like shit, but here are some of the Don’s very best records, mid-70s Bunny Lee, total murder like God Helps The Man and Wreck Up My Life. Just try the first clip. ‘God helps the man who thinketh for himself.’