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The standard CD is from Mango. The LP is from Jamaica.

With Junjo and the Roots Radics at Channel One.

Aka Junior Soul, in 1969.

Biff! That sublime, inimitable falsetto atop a stupendous digital-Tubbys one-away. Self-produced by Junior in 1987 for Ruddock’s Taurus imprint (though original copies are near-mythical).

Aka Junior Soul. Brawny, get-onboard rocksteady, with nyabinghi drumming throughout — including a tasty break. A first sighting of Solomon, from Police And Thieves.

The one-and-only JM denouncing international politrix over an expert, fresh, live-digi rhythm — brittle and spare, but choca with deft touches.

Junior Murvin aka Junior Soul’s first, deadly version of the Upsetter classic is unmissable: inimitable delivery of a great song, on a tough, limber, rootical rhythm with ace trombone and a fine dub.