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Partch is a great, essential American original in the same tradition as Moondog.
With Hobo Trip and the Hitchhiker Inscriptions, this is an addictive introduction.

Stuffed: a 1971 documentary; a 1969 filmed performance of Delusion Of The Fury; something from Revelation In The Courthouse Park from 1961; various hippies; and Partch himself, at 72, ranting and raving.

The original 1957 performance — kotos and marimbas alongside HP varieties like the Chromelodeon and the Harmonic Canon — with splendid artwork including rare documents and photographs.

His Euripidean magnum opus. ‘Religious rituals with a strong sexual element are not unknown to our culture.’ The 1987 Music Theater production, with Partch instruments like the Diamond Marimba and the Spoils Of War.