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Two of the best albums ever made. A desert island disc for sure.

From 1972, Roforofo Fight is a classic — together with Shakara one of Afrika Bambaataa’s favourites from back in the day — and appears here with rare singles.

One of Afrika Bambaataa’s all-time funk favourites. Killer Fela.

Very early mid-sixties recordings robustly mixing highlife, calypso and soul, already one foot in the future.

This was the year he was released from prison in Nigeria after a political conviction for ‘currency trafficking’; and these are unbridled, charged performances, thirty to forty minutes apiece.

Lagos, 1966. White vinyl.

Shakara is killer, with Fela and Africa 70 right at the top of their game. London Scene has Egbe Mi O, where afrobeat is joined spine-tinglingly by the Abbey Road house choir.