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Cornerstone tune, much versioned, with ladies’ man Derrick taking the piss — ‘Solomon was the wisest man but he didn’t know the secrets… of a woman’ — and another fine Bobby Ellis instrumental.

Soundboy ska from 1964, with a booting girl-boy duet on the flip.

Juggernaut version of the Four Tops, with Ike Bennett at the organ leading Ilya Kuryakin on the flip.

A cover of the Gene Chandler.

Excellent, sombre version of The Temptations’ civil rights smash; and another top example of the label’s trademark ‘funky soul’ on the flip, with wah-wah, move-on-up harmonizing and roots vision.

Doing over The Persuaders with his customary aplomb; and keeping it in the family, a nice Kim Harriott lovers on the flip, another cover.