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Tearing up California with the Duchess and Jerome in 1963. Just listen to Hey Bo Diddley. No wonder the cops got the willies.

Almighty God himself, with two prime Checkers, and five extras. Have Guitar is just awesome stuff. You don’t know diddley if you don’t know Diddley.

CD from Get Back.

Whatever, Trevor. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Bo Diddley is God.
The two stupendous Checker LPs from the Chocolate City, 1960-1, with Willie Dixon, Otis Spann and co.

From 1960, kicking off imperiously with his smash Road Runner.

His sixth album — for Checker in 1961 — is a classic, wildly entertaining from start to finish. Rockers like Hong Kong, Bo the wicked raconteur, stomping avant guitarism like Congo, bits of flamenco, Chicago blues…

He released three Checker LPs in 1962: this rounds up killers like Detour, Road Runner, Who Do You Love and Here Tis. ‘Got a brand new house on the roadside / Made from rattlesnake hide.’