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His first album, with brilliant interjections from Dennis Brown and Alton Ellis.

Scatting effortlessly over Leroy Smart.

Eight classic titles on seven by the great man, back in. Red vinyl too, this killer.

We’ll happily listen to him sing, even.
Yellow vinyl!

Aka New York City.
Originally released on Burke’s, out of Brooklyn.

Great, delirious Satta in tongues.

The great man ponders the situation in Greece, Spain, and internationally; and calls out Angela Merkel. Thunderous dub.

Tremendous. Big Youth overflowing with good and righteous vibes; churchical organ, fruity trombone, punchy rhythm. Now… where’s that copy of Instant Coma?

Infectious, inimitable, suitably incoherent pot-stirring from the great deejay, over an ace dub of The Jewels’ Love And Livity.