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The LP is the last six tracks short of the CD (from Shanachie).

Vintage Tubbys, with some Jacob Miller stuff for Inner Circle — and Shake Down.
Coloured vinyl. Get Down CD.

The teenager at Impact! — awe-inspiring.
The record’s on Kaya.

The more expensive Shanachie has four extras.

65 killers with a handful of bonafide rarities; an excellent booklet, with wonderful photos and notes by Lol from Dub Vendor; and a DVD, with concert footage, an interview, and an acoustic session with Hugh Mundell.

Blowing up a storm for Gussie Clarke in 1977, on Think Twice. Lovely xylophone-melodica interplay over two extended mixes, including a fine dub.

Dub masterpiece, our best-selling reggae album over the decades. Shanachie is the dearer and superior CD. Clocktower coloured vinyl and cheaper CD.