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‘The most vivid rhythmic reality’: cello, voice, echoes. Drumless versions of Let’s Go Swimming, Tree House, Wax The Van; four previously unreleased tracks from Sketches From World Of Echo.

Brilliant survey of the crown jewels of leftfield disco — with the mythic Walter Gibbons mix of Go Bang!

Nice to have this luxuriating over twelve inches at 45rpm. The others are harder to come by; This Is How We Walk On The Moon is beautiful. Silk-screened sleeve.

Four screen-printed sleeves, oversized booklet; everything, plus rare versions like Walter Gibbons’ Go Bang!, and all the alias material. EU only.

Handsome vinyl debut for this posthumous 1994 album, culled from 800-odd reels recorded between 1982-1990. Immersive… freely musical, achingly beautiful, rawly moving. Orange Mountain CD.